How You Benefit

1. Reduces your industrial blade expenses from 50-85%

  • Example: Large lettuce processor can save over $72,000 a year on new blade expenses by re-sharpening their blades or knifes.  A savings of 85% of their new blade expenses!

2. Increases product yield

  • Example: A large tomato processor expects to increase their yield by 5% amounting in a $250,000 savings!

3. Reduction in injury rates

4. Increased quality from sharper knives

  •  Focused sharpening from dedicated trained staff vs. occasional availability in house

5.  Increased production from diamond sharp knives

  • Faster time to market, leads to a competitive advantage
  • Reduced cell rupture and the risk of pathogens

Wasted time and poor product yields can’t compare with Harvest Blade’s diamond sharp knife maintenance program!


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